Ring Size Chart

How can I determine my ring size?

If possible, AT THE CO-OP highly recommends you go to local jewelry store to be fitted for the ring finger desired.  All sales are final and sizing will incur additional cost.  We want your ring to fit when it gets to you!  If you do not have that option, follow the steps below for determining your size:

1)   Wrap a string around your finger.

2)   Measure the length of string that wraps around your finger once.

3)   Match the length you measured to the chart below. 


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Can all rings for sale on the website be sized?

The ability to size a ring and by how much is dependent on the design of the ring.  Generally, very slight sizing (no more than ½ up or down) can be done without compromising the integrity of the piece.  Solid gold rings or those with minimal diamonds or gemstones are easiest to size.  In some cases, these types of rings can safely be sized up or down 1 to 2 sizes.

Eternity rings, or rings where the design goes completely around the diameter of the ring are generally not sizable.  Either way, we recommend that you visit a jewelry retailer to get an accurate measurement of your ring size.

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