Cleaning Basics

I constantly wear the same pieces of jewelry and seldomly remove them.  I love every single piece I own and don’t want to risk losing them.  Trust me, I have lost a piece here and there!  But they do take a beating to the frequent exposure when washing my hands and applying lotion throughout the day.  This often is the cause for your jewelry lose it’s shine and luster.  

I don’t always have the time to clean my jewelry, however, these easy steps allow me to clean my jewelry freely at my own convenience.

Use ammonia or a mild dish detergent with water.  I prefer to use a mild detergent since it’s always accessible at home.  Soak your jewelry for about 20-30 minutes. Then brush gently around the diamonds with a soft toothbrush.  Note that vigorous brushing may cause damage to the setting.  And you don’t want that! Rinse off jewelry and dry with cloth.

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