Summer is Here!

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Posted on June 22 2018

The highly anticipated summers in Hawaii mean the season is in full bloom of indigenous tropical fruits such as mango, pineapples, and lychee from the Big Island.  After a day of sunbathing at the beach, it's always a delight to prepare a plate full of fruits for an afternoon snack.  Every bite is packed with flavor that keeps you craving for more.  And how can you resist, I mean they are seasonal!


There's definitely an attraction to these Nantucket reddish tone lychee.  The bite size fruit comes with a fairly hard shell which makes it difficult to peel, but the work to the core is worth the one bite!

You can't beat the taste of a golden yellow pineapple from the famous Dole Plantation on the North Shore during the summers.  And did you know that they also make soft serve?  It's one of my favorite indulgence during the hot temperature days.

I love mangoes more than one could know!  My family house had a mango tree in our backyard and every summer, we would slice the mangoes into generous bite size pieces and prepare pickled mangoes.  Although I still crave a pickled mango on ocassion, I can't resist a sunset colored mango!

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