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Posted on June 28 2018


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I love getting manicures from time to time as it’s such a treat.  Although I noticed that my polished nails do not last as long and manage to find a chip here and there within a matter of days.  I hate when that happens!  And by the third day, I’m wanting for a color change. 

Eventually I decided to paint, not manicure my own nails to freshen up my look.  Afterall, we talk with our hands.  With endless practice, I’ve come close to mastering the art of painting my nails.

What I discovered is that it’s important to hydrate yourself and moisturize your hands throughout the day.  Most preferably, moisturize after you wash your hands as this will prevent your skin from drying out or cracking.  Any moisturizer will suffice, however, I love using the argon oil.  It absorbs through the skin and non-greasy.

Filing your nails to your preferred shape is important.  I have an active lifestyle so I prefer shorter, square shaped nails.  If you love longer nails, round or pointed edges are ideal and will elongate your hands.  I’ll then moisturize my hands it with argon oil and naturally push back my cuticles with my natural nails.  Then I wash my hands to remove the excess oil on my nails before polishing.

The key trick to applying nail lacquer is to dip the brush in the bottle for a generous amount of polish and remove the excess polish on one side of the brush.  The other side should look like the polish is about to drip.  This will allow you to give you an even guideline around the bead of the nail for an even look.  As you coat the nail, spread the brush wide and evenly along the edges for a clean and smooth finish.  Two coats is all you need unless it transparent, then I apply three coats for an evenly finish.  I love using Deborah Lippmann nail lacquer as the brush is made well and the color tends to stay on for days without chipping.  

Once I’ve completed my second layer of polish, I then use the Seche Vite top coat to seal the color and to give it that polished shine.  Did I mention that this is a savor?  This top coat allows the polish to dry in minutes!  Voila!


 Apply a generous first coat for a clean and even finish.

 Allows your nails to dry within minutes!

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