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Posted on March 22 2018

Deciding on purchasing a pave or bezel setting can be confusing.  I often think about which setting is best suited for my personal style and lifestyle.  Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either style as they are both popular by many.

To guide you through your decision, here’s something to think about before clicking the “BUY” button.  

The pave setting has been one of my personal favorites since I started buying jewelry.  My budget only allowed me to start with smaller diamonds and that’s what exactly the pave setting is for.  The petite, iridescent diamonds have a shimmery appeal and suitable for an everyday lifestyle.  It was also affordable and great for stacking your rings!

Although I’m a fan of the pave setting, I’ve grown to love slightly larger diamonds. The bezel setting is quite the modern take and I mean, who can’t resist larger diamond carat weights.  Although the bezel setting slightly pricier,i like the option that you can size up your diamonds!   

Whichever style you decide, make sure it fits your budget and your style!



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